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DAIKIN Air Purifier - MC70L

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  • Streamer technology air purifier and 6-stage filtration
  • This air purifier efficiently removes allergens (e.g. pollen, house-dust mites, dust, etc.), bacteria and viruses.
  • The massive streamer discharge hits the viruses, mould, bacteria, allergens and hazardous chemical substances, decomposing and fragmenting their surface proteins, which are then destroyed through oxidation, thus rendering the virus safe.
  • Pollen ion mode. Pollen are caught before they land on the floor.
  • Portable, take it from room to room with one hand.
  • Easy to use.
  • Fully certified by TÜV Nord and BAF (British Allergy Foundation).

More details

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Height57,6 cm
width40,3 cm
depth24,1 cm
weight8,5 kg
Technologysix-layer filtering system
Large Air flow420 m3/h
Sound pressure levelTurbo/High/Medium/Low/Silent - 48,0/39,0/32,0/24,0/16,0 dBA
Deodorizing methodFlash Streamer / Titanium apatite photocatalytic filter / Deodorizing catalyst
Bacteria filtering methodFlash Streamer / Titanium apatite photocatalytic filter
Dust collecting methodPlasma ionizer / Electrostatic dust collection filter
Power supply1~/220-240/220-230 Hz/V


An aid against pollution

Free your home and work place from formaldehydes ( compounds linked to cleaning products, resins and coatings),  Nox and  Diesel Exhaust Particles.

Focus better and boost your creativity and productivity.

Remove  fine dust particles from the air so you can focus, study and stimulate your creativity.


Take a deep and healthy breath.

Adults breathe about 30-50,000 times a day, so you can imagine the well-being effect of pure air.


Sleep Better.

Remove dust, mites and pollen and wake up refreshed and rested the next day.


Recover the vitality.

Be relieved, irritations of the throat and the eyes are reduced. This powerful air purifier eliminates dust and pollen, dust mites and molds in the air.


Concentrate more, enhance your productivity.

Clear the fine particles of dust in the air and have a moment of concentration to study, stimulate your creativity or do a concentrated job. 


Your kids will love it.

Their brain cools as a cucumber. Say goodbye to allergy triggers in their bedroom , study and play area.

Daikin's 6-layer filtration system will be your best ally this spring.



Certified devices


TuV nord.jpg     The British Allergy Foundation.jpg


The effectiveness of Daikin air purifiers has been subjected to the certification tests of reputable organizations in the field of indoor air quality.
The TUV Nord Indoor Air Quality Laboratory certified the effectiveness of the MC70L and MCK75J purifiers to remove the finest particles from the air and more specifically the allergen particles.
The British Allergy Foundation has awarded the MC70L air purifier certification for the reduction of allergens such as: pet allergens, cigarette smoke, pollens and formaldehyde.

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