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Wrapi TRIO 18cm+24cm+30cm

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21,00 € tax incl.

TRIO 18cm+24cm+30cm

The eco friendly and reusable wrapping! Fabric cut in hexagon format covered in bee wax. 

Use the Wrapi to cover a piece of fruit, a vegetable cut in half, a bowl, a glass cup…Put your hands around: the heat of your hands will make it self-adhesive.

The Wrapi hexgones avoid the use of disposable food films. Wrapi is a waterproof and breathable "beewrap".

  • Cotton with bee wax to assure the tightness and preserve your products in a natural way. Comes with resin that makes the fabric self-adhesive!

  • Fabric cut in hexagon to match a maximum number of dishes or products!

  • Dimensions: pack of 3 units= 18+24+30cm

  • Place the Wrapi on a support (piece of fruit, vegetable cut in half, bowl, jar…)

  • The Wrapi can cover a dish, a bowl but also directly wrap food to keep it healthy and sustainable.


The colour at the moment of purchase will be a surprise. Let us know your preference and we will do our best to make you happy.

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  • It is reusable

  • It helps us to respect our promise take care of the environment.

  • It is available in a large nr of designs and colours.

  • #zerowaste


You can wash it by hand with cold water and ecological soap.


People like you, with their own style, who know that taking care of the environment is fun.

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