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Toolbox for Mars

To explain to you in a simple way what Toolbox for Mars is, I would like you to imagine a box. When you open that box, you will find the tools you need to feel good inside and in balance with the world around you. A feeling of well-being that you can experience wherever you are, even if you are on Mars.

Toolbox for Mars stands for: a healthy lifestyle, personal growth and sustainability, because our actions must be in tune with our values.

The box

This box which I mentioned contains an online store with high quality and gorgeous products designed for a healthy lifestyle, because elegance can pair with sustainability leading to consuming less and more efficiently . All our products contribute to improving your everyday life. Air purifiers to fill your lungs with fresh air, stainless steel bottles, teamugs, lunch boxes and practical items made of sustainable materials to reuse thus reducing waste.

Moreover, we love to see our project going further, so we join forces with other professionals who are changing the world to make it more dynamic, human and sustainable. If you want to be our resale partner we invite you to check outToolbox for Mars Pro.

Our box also contains tools to create inner harmony because our home is not only our planet but also our body and our mind. Our speciality is to integrate meditation and leadership coaching so that you activate your superpowers to feel well wherever you are.

The origin

Three sisters, citizens of the world, who, due to our family influences, were destined to create this type of project. We learned from our parents the advantages of practicing yoga and meditation for personal growth. We are happy and excited to share the discoveries we made on our journey.

One night in April 2015, the box came to us. It was one of those ordinary blue boxes full of different items, neatly arranged. They were things to fix any malfunction at any time. -"Yes, if this project were a thing, it would be a box." -said Cristina -“A box to find everything we need to live, to be well inside and out!” - added Jessica with excitement. -”And it will be called ‘ToolBox’!” -The three sisters shouted in unison. That night, after months of work, the Verdi clan gave shape to Toolbox for Mars. And it's through traveling and walking towards your wellbeing that you get anywhere, even to Mars.

The team


Jessica Verdi

Jessica Verdi, CEO of Toolbox for Mars leads this project, she shapes it and puts her passion and talent at the disposal of anyone who has decided to align their actions with their values.

Jessica has many qualifications: Master in International Commerce and Trade, Leadership Coach (Coach Practitioner EMCC), English Philologist, Biomagnetic Pair Therapist and Energy transformation Coach.

She enjoys singing in the car, dancing and Mario Benedetti’s poems.

"When we are well inside, we look for ways to be more in balance with our environment"

Monica Verdi

Monica Verdi, co-founder of ToolBox For Mars.

Monica was born in Mexico and grew up in Spain by the Mediterranean Sea where she lives now, enjoying both cultures, learning from both of them to contribute to others. A Personal Coach since 2015 Monica is now also a coach of high performance teams.

An avid reader of philosophy since her youth and holding a Bachelor in Law, Monica is dedicated to her two great passions entrepreneurship and coaching.

She loves going on long walks and having a good laugh with friends and family.

"Consumerism distracts us from the true meaning of life. Respect for our environment must flood every gesture of our day to day to make us happy. "


Cristina Verdi

Cristina is our environmental consultant (who keeps our feet on the ground whilst at the same time inspiring us to combine tradition and future).

Cristina has honed an holistic approach to problem solving and she combines her analytical skills with creative thinking to reach innovative solutions. Her current job says a lot about her talent, as she belongs to the R & D + I Department of a major software company, where she designs software for the citizens of the future.

She enjoys listening to music, especially rockabilly and garage. She also loves going to the cinema and watching documentaries.

"My most important mission and action today is to reduce my own carbon footprint"

Many have contributed to our project

Special thanks to: Gracias a...

  • Daniel, Mateo and Leo for inspiring us every day.
  • Cristina Verdi, Domingo Espinosa, and Hervé Pierret for building the foundations with us.
  • To our wonderful friends and supporters, because this project wouldn't exist without your tips, contacts and emotional support.
  • To each of our Clients, always enthusiastic, generous and loving. Thank you for your trust, your testimonies, friendship and for allowing us to grow together.