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When we walk around the world we leave our footprint on earth. Sometimes those footprints will be erased with time and sometimes the footprint will last touching others’ lives.  

This section called ‘Footprints’ is our legacy, those actions undertaken by Toolbox for Mars to contribute to the world around us, to make it more sustainable, more connected and ultimately more human.

The footprints

Team Volta

This non-profit association practises Street Workout in public spaces and is a great collaborator of the environment. They are  very committed to health, sustainability and social responsibility. They offer free collective training sessions and organize ploggings (jogging+ picking up litter from the streets). In addition, they help groups in social exclusion redirect their actions for the benefit of society. 

We love to collaborate with them because we feel part of the world, because we are aware that these small actions are vitally important for our personal and social growth.

Our action:  During the year we organise together plogging and meditation sessions to raise funds for the materials they need. We have also made an economic contribution to the purchase of a portable bar to be used for their competitions and exhibitions and we sponsor their competitions.


A non-profit organization dedicated to the defence and protection of the ocean, lakes, rivers and their users. Surfrider currently has more than 14.000 members and is active in 12 European countries through its volunteer branches.

Taking care of our environment is necessary and at Toolbox for Mars we also want to contribute with a simple action, with a simple grain of sand.

Our action: For all sales,  part of the profits are donated to  Surfrider so  they can continue their mission.